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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Rio Nevado – Pucon First Descent

Today we dropped into the box canyon of the Rio Nevado. The drops were large the flow low and the fun factor high. Here are a few pics and video for you to check out.

To watch video from the first d of the Nevado=>
Click Here

To watch video from the first d of the Navado part 2=>
Click Here

Riley running the entrance to the first falls.

photo by Nate Elliott

The slide below the first falls.

Photo by Robbie Dastin.

Nate Elliott same slide.

photo by Robbie Dastin

The second falls, a 15 footer committing oneself to boxed canyon below.

photo by Nate Elliott
The Birthday boy, Polk Deters.

photo by Robbie Dastin

Kurt Kasey, of Pittsburgh fame, running the first big falls on the Nevado.

photo by Nate Elliott

Daniel same falls.

photo by Nate Elliott

The drop below the first big one.

photo by Robbie Dastin

A boof below the first big falls.

photo by Robbie Dastin
Below this series was the really large falls. Best described as nasty ass entrance into a 40 footer. Hilleke shit for sure.
We portaged the falls and dropped into the lower gorge.

I ran the entrance drop, ducked tree, pitoned, folded kayak nose. No one followed. Ran second falls was sweet, no photo. Ran a couple of more, took out. Was awesome.

Sucked life out of greenies.

Chile Day 4


  • At 10:59 AM, Blogger obieone said…

    it is cold and raining balls here. that water looks sweet!



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